Open Space Preservation

  • We assist municipalities and private groups working to preserve open space by providing information, education and technical advice.

  • NCD has sponsored numerous programs on techniques for Open Space Preservation such as conservation easements.

  • We have produced Open Space Maps for towns and land trusts using GIS-Geographical Information System Technology.

Farmland Preservation

  • We work to raise public awareness and to promote Farmland Preservation in partnership with Land Trusts and many other advocacy groups

  • We education the public and students about the farmland crisis situation in Connecticut.  According to Working Lands Alliance, we are losing farmland at a dramatic rate.  Between 1992 and 1997 the state lost and average of 8,000 acres per year to non-agricultural uses.  If the current rate of loss continues, Connecticut will have no farmland left by the middle of this century.

  • We provide advice and create Prime Farmland Soils Maps and Reports for farmers who are interested in preserving their land through the state’s Purchase of Development Rights Program.

  • We sponsor seminars for Land Trusts and others to solve the many issues related to keeping the Land Trust Holdings in working agriculture.

Agricultural Assistance

  • We promote sound agricultural practices to prevent erosion of fragile soil resources and pollution of precious water resources.

  • We advise farmers and help them find funding for building manure management and other structures.

  • We recognize local farmers with the “Conservation Farmer of the Year Award” for their efforts in environmentally sustainable agriculture.

  • We have presented numerous programs for agricultural producers on Nutrient Management, Pasture Management, Rotational Grazing, Forest Management, and Special Programs for Horse Owners